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» 24 March 2010 » In rambles »

So, I think I’ve yet to mention in this blog where I work. This hasn’t been a particularly concious decision, there just wasn’t any need.

Ironic, then, that I mention it now – at a time when I’m not entirely sure!


That’s right kids, MX Telecom – my home for the last four and a half years – has been acquired by Amdocs and is to be merged with OpenMarket.

This is a really exciting time for me. As I juggle both tech and management hats there is going to be a tonne of new stuff to see, learn and experience over the coming months. Definitely exciting times! The first few things to come to mind:

  • What changes will managing a team separated by 6 timezones and nearly 5000 miles bring?
  • What toolchains do they use? How will they differ to what we do here?
  • Where we have similar products, how we will determine which one is better? What metrics will we need? How will we test these? How will we migrate from one to the other?
  • OpenMarket are smart guys. So are we. We’ve solved similar problems. How are our approaches different? How are they similar? Why?
  • What about culture? Sure, we’ve got a US office, but development has been very UK-centric. How will that change?

Of course, nothing has been decided yet. That list is a list of things going around in my head and not a list of things I’ve been told to think about. As always, the opinions represented here are mine and not my employers.

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