my name is mrtom. i work in software. i’m fairly new to this game but that’s cool. it means i have a lot to learn – and a lot to write about. i work for a used-to-be small tech firm in london (uk) but we have grown a lot since i started there in 2005. that’s good, hopefully it means we are doing well. i’ve been there since graduating from university but worked at a bunch of other firms before that, working in the nuclear industry for a year and some time building robots. that was pretty cool. i have a masters degree in information & computer engineering. sometime i don’t like caps.

i try not to be a geek all the time. i think it helps build better software. non-geeks have to use the stuff i write, so it helps if i can understand them. my girlfriend christina sometimes helps with this. other times i think she’s more geeky than me (she’s currently writing her phd thesis). she’s a canadian and she likes cats. when i’m not sat at my computer i like to climb. big rocks, little rocks, snow and icy rocks. sometimes plastic rocks too.

this is my blog. enjoy.

mrtom climbing in the peak district