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Meh… Or, why does IE suck SO FUCKING MUCH

» 24 February 2010 » In rambles » 2 Comments

I just had the misfortune to check out this blog in IE. Figured it would be a good idea as I’m enjoying using Typekit to add some typographic flair to my theme and hadn’t checked to see how much it would break IE.

Turns out, totally independently of Typekit, the blog is hosed. Completely. In IE 6,7 & 8. GRRRRRRRRRR.

I should point out that:

  1. I checked the theme when I first installed it, and confirmed it worked in IE
  2. I’ve done very, very little to my blog since then other than adding a few basic plugins to wordpress and actually writing some things
  3. A cursory disable/enable of my most recent plugins didn’t make any difference, so I can’t figure out what broke it quickly

So, instead, I’ve stuck on a boring basic theme until I have time to look into this properly. Apologies all.

What really annoys me about this is that I don’t own a Windows computer. The only way I can check this is using the VMs at work. I regularly check on all browsers I actually use/can install on either my Ubuntu or OS X boxes (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, OmniWeb) and none of them has had any trouble at all. I spend enough sodding time at work dealing with IEs shitness, I don’t want to have to fuck around with it at home too!

Right. Enough. This is going to turn into the full blown, vehement rage against IE I’ve been threatening to write for months if I don’t stop now.

Does anyone know if you can specify browser specific themes in WordPress?

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